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>wаlk intо аn аllеу

>almost the exact same story, characters, and cinematography as Broadchurch >except with shittier acting, a worse cast, an inferior script, and a weaker atmosphere Why did they even bother with this? It's 2014, people use the internet, and they know that this is just an inferior remake. Even David Tennant, delicious as he is, seems to be phoning it in, he knows he's doing the same part all over again except now he's angrier and has a shitty accent. This isn't going to last more than one season, once the whodunnit is solved then nobody will give a shit and it'll get cancelled. http://boards.4chan.org/tv/thread/49344362#49344362

ITT post which genres you think would be cool if they were combined...

Anonymous 10/06/14(Mon)18:24:02 No. 49344310 >wаlk intо аn аllеу >girl оn thе lеft tаkеs оff hеr sunglаssеs аnd sауs tо уоu "wrоng nеighbоrhооd fаggоt, givе mе уоur wаllеt right nоw bеfоrе wе bеаt thе living crap оut оf уоu" whаt dо? http://boards.4chan.org/tv/thread/49344310#49344310

What are some good movies infused with dry British humour?

ITT post which genres you think would be cool if they were combined I'll start; Sci fi / Erotica | Lesbian aliens or female hot robots Comedy / Embarassment / Erotica Mystery / Sci fi about robots Dystopian fiction / Survivalism / Erotica Paranoid fiction / Giant female monsters Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction / Erotic romance http://boards.4chan.org/tv/thread/49344353#49344353

>almost the exact same story, characters,...

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